In the context of cargo storage and warehouse works, each client should understand that his cargo is in good hands and in full safety. Our company is ready to ensure these conditions together with additional control of the processes and conditions in any period of the work. By trusting us with storage, you will know that we are always at a distance of “outstretched hand” from your cargo. After all, our office is located directly in the logistics business center with modern class A warehousing facilities.

Accordingly, we are always ready to offer a full range of warehouse services:

– Long-term storage on a contractual basis
– Warehouse services of European origin goods
– Customs storage of goods from third countries
– Excise warehouse services for European origin goods
– Temporary storage of goods from third countries in the customs area
– Storage and processing of excise goods (alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, coffee) from third countries
– Storage and handling of strategic cargoes (excluding weapons)
– Loading and unloading operations
– Consolidation and bundling of goods on the client’s order
– Sorting, packing, weighing and repacking of goods on the order of the client
– Goods marking
– Checking the quality of goods during the goods unloading / loading
– Services of an independent surveyor on the client’s order
– Accounting the goods movement in a warehouse and presenting operative data on the client’s request
– Preparation of photo reports on cargo inspection (in case of inconsistency of quantity, name or damage to the cargo)