Rail freight

Are you interested in a low cost of transportation, a large carrying capacity and you don’t want to depend on weather conditions? We are glad to offer an iron level of quality and to be on the move in a parallel course with your load!

The railway ensures stability and reliability. These epithets also perfectly fit and characterize our operations in railway transportation. Our company actively dispatches cargoes by rail from Riga, Brest, and Bialystok to Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and other countries of Central Asia. We are engaged in a full range of operations: cargo delivery from the sender’s door to the railway station of destination, reloading, fastening, surfing, railroad charges payment all over the territories to the destination station. We combine the best multimodal capabilities and develop optimal solutions with the delivery of the right type of car / platform for both general and oversized cargoes.

We take full advantage of our Globlelink Group partners in railway transportation and organize delivery to Europe and Russia from China – by both fast container trains and using the sea component from the ports of Southeast Asia to Nakhodka (Vostochny Port) and Vladivostok, with further shipment by rail.